Get the family of lighter, brighter, stadium-power moving heads built to rugged IP65 standards—extreme performance for the wildest ideas on earth.


Get the family of lighter, brighter, stadium-power moving heads built to rugged IP65 standards—extreme performance for the wildest ideas on earth.


Maverick Storm 2 BeamWashMaverick Storm 2 BeamWash

Maverick Storm 2 BeamWash

Switch from tight beams to a wide wash in seconds and create individual pixel looks with in-built macros and a fierce outer ring
Maverick Storm 2 Profile

Maverick Storm 2 Profile

Advanced framing shutters for the best possible cuts and a powerful wheelhouse of effects, protected by a unique "SunShield" technology
Maverick Storm 4 Profile

Maverick Storm 4 Profile

Stadium-level brightness to turn heads with an epic wheelhouse of effects advanced framing shutters and unique "SunShield" tech to enhance the energy of the performance

Family that rocks together
stays together

Maverick Storm provides continuity and consistency in all weather environments, so you can depend on excellent performance, every time. Sometimes it’s better to keep it in the family.


There’s no bad seat in the house when Maverick Storm is lighting the show. With over 1000 watts of stadium-level brightness, even the nosebleeds can witness the heat of the moment.

Hit the road in record time

Packing up and hitting the road has never been easier. Maverick Storm fixtures feature leading lightweight tech, making breakdown a breeze.

Easier clean up today to prevent maintenance headaches tomorrow

The show must go on, so we made maintenance easy. Designed for extreme stadium conditions (mud, ice, blood, sweat, tears, etc.), Maverick Storm is easier to clean and service than previous IP65 fixtures.


An artist is only as great as their tools and Maverick Storm provides it all. A family line with easier maintenance, more consistent output, and IP65 durability to stand up against the elements, Maverick Storm commands the show every time.

Arm yourself
with an arsenal of FX

Defy all expectations and keep them wanting more. Packed with expressive features to customize the show, Maverick Storm has the creative capabilities to set the stage past the last song (and the third encore).

IP65 Dominance

Designed to dominate in any element for more than 50,000 hours

Light-weight tech that packs a punch

Light-weight design with high-power performance

Brightness that commands

Stadium-level brightness with over 1000 watts to light the back row

Give them something to talk about

Multiple rotating gobo wheels provide endless lighting effect combinations to keep them on the edge of their seat


Trusted for over 30 years of once-in-a-lifetime performances

Will the fixtures perform the same in all settings?

The sky’s the limit. Investing in a family of Maverick Storm fixtures gives you the flexibility to scale your rig for any environment and any venue, from an intimate nightclub to an arena rock concert.

Where can I use IP65 fixtures?

Not all IP65s are built the same. Maverick Storm takes on nature’s fury and manmade hazards with ease. A reliable fixture that takes the stage in all stadium conditions, including ice, mud, and heat.

What can I expect with maintenance for the Maverick Storm line of products?

Maverick Storm is easy to service and maintain. The units are IP65 rated, so that the inside of the fixtures remain dust and debris free, and can be opened up just like non-IP65 rated fixtures, so that you can service them in the same way you would on any of our other Maverick fixtures.

Can the sun damage my Maverick Storm Profile fixtures?

Maverick Storm Spots and Profiles utilize our unique “Sunshield” to protect your investment by preventing sunlight from focusing back through the lenses, and damaging internal components.

Can lighting designers program their own default settings?

Build presets and recall up to 3 different setups depending on the demand of the show. Perfect for shows on the road with a variety of venues.

Ride the Maverick Storm from mic check
to encore with backstage access